100 times faster internet?
You bet your gigabit.

Imagine an internet experience that’s super blazing fast – up to 100 times faster than typical internet. How cool would that be? Well, the new ultra-highspeed gigabit technology is making it possible. And we need to let the internet providers know we want it available for all of our homes and businesses in Gaston County.


Check these companies for

Internet options in the area:



 Google Fiber



Faster downloads. Faster streaming.

Faster everything.

Whether you’re surfing, shopping, gaming, videoconferencing, backing up critical data or handling online business transactions, your internet experience would shift into hyper speed with gigabit service. The new ultra-fast internet connections would be built all the way to your home or business, enabling you to take advantage of:

  • Speeds up to one gigabit per second (Gbps)
  • Amazing download capacity: 25 songs in one second, an HDTV show in three seconds, an HD movie in 36 seconds
  • Digital voice, enhanced TV, premium DVR
  • Faster connections to the cloud, streaming videos, videoconferencing and more

A huge gigaboost for Gaston County.

Super-high-speed internet can be a powerful magnet for attracting business to our region. Our vision includes having new gigabit technology throughout Gaston County to show entrepreneurs and innovators that Gaston County is ready for the future.

The new gigabit technology can help us to:

  • Attract technology-oriented businesses
  • Stimulate business growth and create job opportunities
  • Foster entrepreneurship
  • Open doors to innovation in everything from heavy manufacturing to medical imaging
  • Create partnerships with Gaston schools focusing on leading-edge
  • technology



Show your support.

Right now, the major internet providers are deciding where they should build the infrastructure needed for ultra-highspeed internet. Other places around the country already have the new gigabit service. We want Gaston County to be at the top of the list for the next expansion.

What can you do to help? Fill out this form, showing your interest in the new technology. By doing so, you are NOT obligated to subscribe to or upgrade to gigabit service. You’re simply letting the companies know that Gaston County wants and deserves the best.


For more information, contact info@GastonGigibit.com