Charlotte is below the national average for home Internet speeds, and as this speedtest chart from March 9, 2015 shows, we've been flat over the past year (blue line) with a download speed under 23Mbps. Raleigh fairs no better with a current average download speed under 22Mbps.

The increase in the national average (green line), now 33Mbps, is being helped by the Gigabit Internet cities. These include Chattanooga, TN, Salisbury NC, and the other municipal networks, as well asGoogle Fiber cities: Kansas City, Provo, and Austin. Throw in a few Frontier and Cox markets with Gigabit and you quickly realize that Charlotte was being left behind.

As one would suspect, Kansas City has seen a big improvement in home internet speeds over the past year, now averaging over 100Mbps as shown in the chart to the right. KC went from 25Mbps to 100Mbps - a 4x improvement in just a year. Quite the difference!

It's about time Charlotte received Gigabit Internet service, and we're pleased that Google Fiber, AT&T GigaPower, and TWC Maxx on on their way! ((* Note: In order to achieve gigabit internet speeds you need to have a computer, modem, and AC wi-fi router that support the speed. We recently purchased a gigabit wif-fi router for less than $100 (TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router) and have been pleased with the results.))

The data was captured from the Ookla Speedtest. Charlotte's current test results can be found here. KC's current test results can be found here.

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