As the Charlotte Observer reported earlier this summer, Google Fiber construction has begun in Charlotte. One of the most active areas is Highland Creek, and one of our readers took photos of a nearby fiber hut which we are posting here.

Each fiber hut is approximately 11 feet wide, 26 feet long, and 9 feet high, and sits on property of about 1,400 square feet. Huts are located on city properties with no higher use, such as available space on wastewater treatment facilities, fire stations, cellphone towers and city maintenance facilities.

Google Fiber is leasing space for the huts from the city at $2/sq. ft. for a term of 20 years. It is projected the city will receive approximately $56,000 for each fiber hut over the course of the 20 years.

Each fiber hut can serve 20,000+ homes at a range of 30+ miles. There is no relationship between the hut location and a neighborhood’s place on Google’s activation schedule. As of 10/4/15 Google Fiber has filed permits for 14 huts – see list here.

If you are interested in Google Fiber you can check your address on this official site for Google Fiber in Charlotte. Signing up will also put you on their mailing list so you’ll be among the first to know when Google is coming to your area.

Have you seen a Google Fiber hut near your neighborhood? Send us your pictures!

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