Zeffective was an early partner to Charlotte Hearts Gigabit, immediately seeing the value of having a Gigabit Internet infrastructure in Charlotte. We recently caught up with founder and CEO Zach Cardais and asked him a few questions about his business, and why he supports Gigabit Internet and Entrepreneurship in Charlotte:

Tell us a little about Zeffective and what your company does.
Zeffective helps businesses make sense of their data. We like to say that we bridge the gap between data and decisions.

What are the most popular services or solutions that you offer?
There are two:

First, we bring our analytics services in-house to you. For example, It’s not unusual for a company to have a lot of data but struggle to glean insights from all the numbers. Zeffective works closely with you and your team to create a process for analyzing the data and then uncovering insights from the analysis so you can make better, more informed decisions.

And second, Google Analytics training. We do a two-day Google Analytics Immersion Workshop each month. The next workshop is September 26 and 27 in Charlotte. Visit this link for more information and to register:
http://techtalentsouth.com/google-analytics-workshop.html. Also very popular is our in-house Google Analytics training where we come to you and provide a hands-on, highly customized training session with your marketing department, for example, on how to use Google Analytics to help you reach your business objectives.

Can you tell us about one of your clients and the work you did for them?
One of our more recent clients needed help growing their email subscriber list. They were writing original, in-depth articles on their site and bringing users to their site but their conversion rate was low. Zeffective came in and did a bunch of testing and experimentation. What we found was that there was nothing wrong with the articles—the issue lied in how the content was presented to the user. We were able to help this specific client increase their conversion rate significantly and reduce their cost per email by a factor of 10.

Zach in foreground (white shirt)

Zach in foreground (white shirt)

Zeffective supports the tech community in Charlotte not only through Charlotte Hearts Gigabit, but also with your work with Tech Talent South. Can you share your philosophy about supporting entrepreneurs and the tech ecosystem in the community?
Two things that I’m passionate about are Charlotte and entrepreneurship. First, I’m a native of Charlotte and I love it here—it’s home. Second, both of my parents are and always have been entrepreneurs. And now, I’m an entrepreneur. So, given my passion for Charlotte and entrepreneurship, I’m all about supporting Charlotte’s entrepreneurs and tech ecosystem. I want to do my part in growing our tech community and make Charlotte a place an attraction for entrepreneurs everywhere.

How do you think having a Gigabit Internet infrastructure will benefit Charlotte?
I’m very, very excited for Google Fiber in Charlotte. I think Gigabit Internet will make Charlotte a better place to live and a better place to do business in. I have friends and colleagues outside of Charlotte that have made statements like “I wish Google Fiber was coming to me.” Think about it: when has faster Internet speed been a bad thing? Answer: never.

And then there’s the exclusivity of Google Fiber. We were, after all, chosen for this. We had to compete for it and we won. I think that’s fantastic—to have Charlotte’s name linked with a Google innovation is special.

We appreciate your support of Charlotte Hearts Gigabit and our events. If readers have questions about Zeffective how should they contact you?
w: http://www.zeffective.com/
e: zach@zeffective.com
p: 704-996-5783

If you want to meet Zach in person you can also find him at many of our events, including the GigWOW Experience on Sept. 17. Please introduce yourself when you see him!

If your company is passionate about Gigabit Internet in Charlotte and wants to join us as a partner, contact us at info@charlotteheartsgigabit.com.

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