Local leaders can't stop talking about the benefits of having Google Fiber in Charlotte!


"I think CharlotteHeartsGoogle.com is a wonderful community campaign! I'm speaking to the choir when I sing praise about what Fiber can do for our city. I think Fiber will be another value and benefit to help with the recruitment of big business to our city. By attracting business business it will lead to more jobs - not only those the big guys bring, but those that are created by smaller companies to support the relocated businesses (also jobs related to the install of fiber).

For our thriving entrepreneurial community it will put a spotlight on the opportunities in the Tech arena (dare I say Charlotte as a future Silicon Valley?). The thought of such an opportunity to have a powerhouse in technology in the South East would be a real possibility with Fiber. Speaking from an education standpoint, it would also enable educational institutions to improve and expand the capabilities of online learning. In my opinion, these are just a few of the key benefits."


"Google Fiber would be a welcome addition to the Charlotte community. My profession over the past eight years has been in the marketing field. The implications on potential innovations around enhancing the customer experience supported by superior internet speeds is something consumers should come to expect through this investment for our future. Should we be selected as an expansion city for fiber I look forward to understanding how this technology can provide our community with a better quality of life."

How do you think Google Fiber will transform Charlotte? Send us your thoughts via info@charlotteheartsgoogle.com.

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