Google Fiber originally planned for 19 Fiber Huts in Charlotte, but until last week only 16 permits had been filed. We learned that the remaining three hut permits were filed on April 14 for the following locations:

Fiber Hut CLT 124            4027 Sandy Porter Rd (near Olympic High School)

Fiber Hut CLT 118             1546 Walton Rd (near Barringer Academic Center)

Fiber Hut CLT 115             3620 Rea Rd (near Olde Providence Elementary)

For a complete list of the 19 fiber huts in Charlotte click here.

It is our understanding that leaders in the Charlotte DOT, CMS, and the local Google Fiber team successfully negotiated the deeding and leasing of the properties so the huts could be built. We don't know all the details of the negotiations, but assume it included convincing Google Fiber lawyers to see things Charlotte's way! 

We owe our local heroes a big Thank You for bring the matter to conclusion so we can move forward with the ultra high-speed Internet infrastructure!

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[Updated May 4, 2016] Google Fiber has begun construction on Charlotte Fiber Hut #123, located at 8628 South Blvd near the intersection of Sharon Rd. West. According to the Accela Citizen Access database, the permit for Hut 123 was filed on June 8, 2015. For a list of the 16 Charlotte sites where Google Fiber has filed for permits, click here. Our sources indicate there are three additional locations that will be added to the current list.

Two pictures below show the Fiber Hut 123 site under construction. Thank you to Emerson Lawson for taking the photos.

Photo taken May 3, 2016

Google Fiber Hut at 8628 South Blvd Charlotte NC


Photos taken March 27, 2016

Photos taken March 31, 2016

Photos taken April 2, 2016

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On June 17, 2015 the City of Charlotte issued Council-Manager Memo #44 which included highlights of recent activities on broadband Internet. This month the city highlighted Google Fiber’s official start of construction, and the city’s decision to join Raleigh and the 100 other member cities in the Next Century Cities coalition.

Google Fiber Construction

Staff Resource: Kruti Desai, CDOT, 704-353-1795,

Google Fiber has begun construction of its new high speed fiberoptic network for Charlotte. Construction is beginning in the Highland Creek area in northeast Charlotte (District 4). Google plans to begin with two crews and increase to fourteen crews by mid-August, peaking at approximately 150 crews. Charlotte Department of Transportation right of way staff permits and inspects all work in the City right of way. Google’s contactor will place residential door hangers prior to construction in neighborhoods, which will include general information and a 24/7 Google Fiber Construction information line (877) 454-6959. Citizens can also sign up for updates at

Next Century Cities Program

Staff Resource: Tom Warshauer, NBS, 704-336-4522,

With Charlotte poised as a gigabit city that seeks to bridge the digital divide, being able to readily connect with other communities to share expertise and learn best practices will be invaluable. Next Century Cities (NCC), a national 501(c)3 provides this forum across more than 80 member cities of all sizes. The City of Charlotte is a member city. Below is additional information about NCC.

NCC supports communities and their elected officials as they seek to ensure that all residents have access to fast, affordable, reliable internet. It helps equip cities to meet key challenges and obstacles in developing broadband strategies, and it elevates the importance of broadband adoption nationally. There are over 80 participating communities with which Charlotte can form city-to-city learning opportunities. The non-profit is supported by the New Venture Fund, the Ford Foundation, Knight Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, Google, and other donors. There is no cost to be an NCC member.

Deb Socia, the Executive Director of Next Century Cities, is no stranger to Charlotte. She was one of the panelists at the recent CBJ Global Charlotte conference (read our recap of the event), was a speaker at one of the city’s Digital Inclusion meetings, and spoke at the Best Minds Conference at Queens University in March.

Next Century Cities just released Connecting 21st Century Communities: A Policy Agenda For Broadband Stakeholders (read here). The Charlotte Hearts Gigabit initiative is highlighted as a best practice in the Community section.

There is no doubt that Charlotte is focused on becoming the Crown Jewel of Gigabit Internet cities!

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We were invited to the Google Fiber reception in Charlotte at The Liberty on Wednesday, January 28, 2015. It was a great opportunity to celebrate Charlotte's selection as one of the new Google Fiber cities.

Google Fiber had local representatives in attendance, as well as team members from the national deployment team, and from Kansas City and Provo which already have networks deployed.

Here are some pictures from the event:

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