[Updated May 4, 2016] Google Fiber has begun construction on Charlotte Fiber Hut #123, located at 8628 South Blvd near the intersection of Sharon Rd. West. According to the Accela Citizen Access database, the permit for Hut 123 was filed on June 8, 2015. For a list of the 16 Charlotte sites where Google Fiber has filed for permits, click here. Our sources indicate there are three additional locations that will be added to the current list.

Two pictures below show the Fiber Hut 123 site under construction. Thank you to Emerson Lawson for taking the photos.

Photo taken May 3, 2016

Google Fiber Hut at 8628 South Blvd Charlotte NC


Photos taken March 27, 2016

Photos taken March 31, 2016

Photos taken April 2, 2016

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