Google Fiber originally planned for 19 Fiber Huts in Charlotte, but until last week only 16 permits had been filed. We learned that the remaining three hut permits were filed on April 14 for the following locations:

Fiber Hut CLT 124            4027 Sandy Porter Rd (near Olympic High School)

Fiber Hut CLT 118             1546 Walton Rd (near Barringer Academic Center)

Fiber Hut CLT 115             3620 Rea Rd (near Olde Providence Elementary)

For a complete list of the 19 fiber huts in Charlotte click here.

It is our understanding that leaders in the Charlotte DOT, CMS, and the local Google Fiber team successfully negotiated the deeding and leasing of the properties so the huts could be built. We don't know all the details of the negotiations, but assume it included convincing Google Fiber lawyers to see things Charlotte's way! 

We owe our local heroes a big Thank You for bring the matter to conclusion so we can move forward with the ultra high-speed Internet infrastructure!

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